Mission 9: Trust Wallet Preparations

Mission 9: Trust Wallet Preparations

Mission No. 9

Attention #eCashArmy🎖 ▶️Type: Show of Force ▶️Target: Trust Wallet ▶️Priority Code: Stage 1 Orange 🟠 | Stage 2 Red 🔴 ▶️Situation: Registration | Preparations | Show of Force


🔴 Stage 2 Commenced - Check Stage 2 of Mission Critical Targets to advance the Mission.

Mission Briefing:

Prepare your account on Trust wallet community page and represent eCash Community with a comment on a post by operator (Link will be shared soon).

This is a two stage mission.

🟠 In stage 1 (Code Orange) we will do the necessary preparations to verify our profiles and be able to comment and post in the Trust wallet community feed.

🔴 In stage 2 (Code Red) our operator will make a proposal for integration on Trust wallet. Be prepared and verified to like and comment in support of this proposal.

Mission Targets:

🎖️ Stage 1 Critical:

Fill out basic information on your profile
Bookmark private message from trusty to verify your account (read trusty’s message)
Like ❤️ a few proposals in the community discussions and ideas section

By doing the above you will achieve the starter badges which verify your account and enable basic interactions on the Trust wallet community forums
  • Earn “Basic”
  • Earn “Autobiographer”
  • Earn “First Like”

As seen here:


🎖️ Stage 2 Critical:

After sufficient preparations and signups, we will roll out Stage 2, where you like and comment in support of operator’s new request to support eCash

▶️ Post your comment here [Trust Wallet Post]

If you are a trust wallet user, comment that you are and would like to have native eCash support to keep using Trust Wallet as multicoin solution
Like ❤️ the Post
Keep your comment short and stay respectful

🏅 Optional:

Tell them that you favor low fees of eCash and 1-block finalization
Mention that there are fake XEC tokens being airdropped by scammers which will only confuse people. Mention, that native eCash support would help fix this problem

Mission Success Condition:

Make eCash operators request 🔥trend in the ideas feed and get a significant amount of ❤️ likes and 💬 comments to improve chances of TWT holders in the community making a proposal for eCash support

Medal Reward:

To receive your eToken 🎖️medal, share your eCash/eToken address from an eToken supporting wallet along with a link to your comment in the thread [Trust Wallet Post]. More info on how to join the exclusive eCash Army HQ on t.me/eCash official Telegram. Ask for eCash Army invitation in the Chat.


If you join eCash official Telegram for the first time, please be sure to respond to the 🛡️ Group Help bot in the #General chat to verify yourself. If you don’t do so, you will be automatically muted. Should this happen, please try to join again and respond to the Group Help bot.

If you can’t manage to verify and unmute yourself, you can message eKoush to help verify you manually.

Remember: This Mission is a multi-stage mission and will take up to a week to conclude. Rewards will be given out only to people who go through both stages and all critical mission targets!

Good Luck #eCashArmy

And Thank You For Your Service!


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