About eBounty

Build and let Build

eBounty is a developer bounty platform aimed at expanding the eCash ecosystem. It is a simple to use tool for product owners and builders to share ideas, make offers and start working on project-tasks right away.

💼 You can list your plans as Product Owner, take on bounties as a Developer, contribute to existing projects as a Sponsor or refer the right people as a Head Hunter.

🛅 Rewards will be locked in a Smart Contract Escrow upon creation of the project and will be released after completion of the related tasks.

🎨 Bounties can be customized to suit anyone’s needs with a variety of features, such as subtasks, prepayments offers for sponsorships or a head hunter premium.

👨🏻‍💼 For Project Owners:

You have an application or service in mind that you think the eCash ecosystem will benefit from? Then create a project by filling out the creation form. You can set an eCash (XEC) or eToken-Dollar (BUX) reward, break down your project in various subtasks and also toggle options for head hunters or further sponsors to join the management team. What kind of compensation, decision making rights or equity your sponsors get is up to you to decide. Be sure to make a viable and fair offer.

👩🏻‍💻 For Developers:

Chose the project that resonates with you and receive your eCash (XEC) or eToken-Dollar (BUX) bounty upon completion of the project or its optional subtasks. Project Owners can also offer you further equity or income beyond the initial reward. Keep a look out for such offers on each of the projects.

🤵🏼 For Sponsors:

You see potential in a listed project and want it to succeed? If enabled by the creator, you can add funds to the bounty escrow to increase its chances to get taken up by developers. Sponsors may get offered special ownership or decision making rights or equity by the creator. Be sure to check out the creator’s offers regarding sponsorships or contact them directly to strike a suitable deal.

🕵🏼‍♂️ For Head-Hunters:

This optional feature allows for marketers and connectors to actively draw in and refer developers, receiving a percentage of the reward as a bonus. More info about Head-Hunter Bonus and how to apply TBA

👨🏾‍⚖️ Moderation:

Any offers made will be ascertained and recorded by the platform and a team of moderators is always ready to help and resolve disputes, should any arise. Your funds are kept safe in a smart contract escrow and can either be forwarded to the taker or reverted back to you. The eBounty platform has no custody over your funds during the entire process.

Fees for moderation and escrow services may apply.