Mission 6: CoinGecko Territorial Defense

Mission 6: CoinGecko Territorial Defense

Mission Nr. 6

Status: Completed - Mission Success

Type: Territorial Defense

Target: CoinGecko

Priority Code: Orange

Situation: CoinGecko Territory Defense Requested | Daily Votes Needed | Boost Positive Sentiment above 90% and keep it up for two weeks.

Mission Briefing

Raise the Status Bar on the CoinGecko eCash page as high as possible. Visit CoinGecko everyday, scroll down and click “good” feelings about XEC. Do this on a daily basis and encourage others to actively hold the bar above at least 90% for two weeks.

Mission Critical Target

Visit CoinGecko page on a daily basis, scroll down and click the >😄Good< button
Post regularly in community groupchats and social media about voting on CoinGecko and ask other holders to join the mission if they are supporters of eCash.
Keep “Good” Status above 90% - never let it go lower than that for longer than 12 hours.


Click “Good” Button 👆

Optional Targets

Visit Coinmarketcap page on a daily basis as well, scroll down and click the >👍Good< button


Click “Good” Button 👆

Mission Success Requirement

This is a special group mission. To accomplish this mission we have to get at least 90% “good” feelings on Coingecko in a timeframe of 3 days and try the best we can to keep this statistic for two weeks (June 15th). It won’t be an easy task and the chance of failure is relatively high. We have to join forces and never miss a chance to vote on a daily basis so our status never falls below 90% longer than 12 hours. Endurance is key. And it is all about getting others to participate. Are you ready?

Sign up to this task via the form below with your name and eToken address if this is your first mission to be eligible for a “Mission Success” 🎖️ Medal reward if we succeed with our goals.

If you are already an #eCashArmy veteran, simply chose your name from the dropdown-list.

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Please note: If you are a veteran and can find your name in the dropdown-menu, you don’t have to fill out the eToken address or “new member” username field - unless you want to update your eToken address or username.

If you like to participate and join the fellows in the #eCashArmy HQ, you can do so via: eCashArmy HQ Telegram

eCashArmy HQ Discord (Join Discord and click on 🎖️ Badge to activate the #eCashArmy subgroup)

Thank You For Your Service