eCash Point of Sale

eCash Point of Sale

Project Details


Tools: JavaScript, React, Next.js

Date: 2022

Create a PoS webapp

  • It will be fed an eCash receivers address
    • The PoS can only pay into, not transact out of the address
  • Relating Fiat Currency can be chosen in the settings
    • USD default
  • Log feature of all requests made
    • Optional filters: paid/unpaid, date, amount range
  • Enable a non-custodial charging of fees for the service via multiple tx-outputs
    • Can also be utilized for referral program

User Story

Upon Setup (one time) - Can be changed in Settings

  • Step 1: Enter your address
  • Step 2: Chose your Fiat Currency

After Setup

  • Step 1: Enter your requested amount in USD (optional in XEC) and click Checkout
  • Step 2: Checkout Page with QR code displaying requested amount
  • Step 3: Notification and link to log (Request log is available, even if payment was not fulfilled)
  • Step 4: On demand, export log as simple .csv file, applying optional filters




Landing Page
Landing Page
Checkout Section
Checkout Section

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