😾 eToken Faucet

😾 eToken Faucet


Project Details


Website: ecash.community/faucet

An eToken faucet page where projects can deposit their tokens along with a simple introduction. Users can withdraw tokens on a recurring basis - with some simple measures to mitigate sybill attacks - for example captcha, prior registration or similar.



Any tools you want to use. All I need is to have the page support eTokens - optionally also XEC support. https://faucet.fabien.cash/ eCash testnet faucet can be forked and adjusted to work with eTokens.


Features of the final product should include

  • Withdrawals
  • Sybill Mitigation
    • Telegram registration?
    • IP logging?
    • Wallet address reuse timer
  • Token Project registration
    • Simple Landing Page (Project Info)
    • Deposit eTokens
  • Nice to have: XEC support (however this is not the main goal of this faucet)

User Story:


User visits ecash.community/faucet and

  1. Pastes eToken address in the receiving field
  2. Selects the eToken from a dropdown list (i.e. Grumpy) and clicks withdraw
  3. Solves Captcha (or similar) and funds will be sent

eToken Project:

Project owner visits ecash.community/faucet and

  1. Click on “register your project”
  2. Fill in a short form with information about the project
    1. Who, What, When, Why?
    2. Links to page or Social Media
    3. How many Tokens per user withdrawal?
  3. Receive a deposit eToken address & send the amount of choice


A similar theme as the eToken tracker. Can be a simple classic retro/outrun/synth design.

Open for suggestions.



Main Task:

Create eToken Faucet


Fork ABC testnet faucet
Implement native XEC
Implement eTokens
Simple Anti-Sybill Solution
Add Registration
eToken deployment & deposit
Info content
Design Theme


Payout in XEC (minimum offer 10M)

  • No Additional Rewards for Sponsors ❌
  • Additional Rewards for Head-Hunters ✅
  • Hiring for Main and Subtasks ✅
  • Rewards for Subtasks to be negotiated
  • Depending on the scope of the implemented features, the rewards can be adjusted.