Mission 7: Binance Showdown

Mission 7: Binance Showdown

Mission No. 7

Type: Army Showoff

Target: Binance

Priority Code: RED 🔴

Situation: Binance Community Showoff Announced - Call to Arms | #BinanceXEC posts required | Rise to Top 3 🏆

Mission Briefing:

Binance announced a community showdown that eCashArmy is eligible to participate in!

Here are the rules from their announcement:

Let’s look at the rules in more detail

To get a shot at spotlighting your community, you’ll need to:

  1. Retweet Binance’s campaign post and follow @binance.
  2. Spread the word about your project’s Twitter hashtag by creating your own post, quoting Binance’s post, quoting your project’s post, or any other way you want to share the hashtag! There are no restrictions in terms of format as long as the correct hashtag is used.
  3. Creativity will be rewarded. Supporters with the most creative posts will be selected as winners if their project ends up in the top three. To be eligible for these individual awards, in a tweet, you should explain why you are proud to be part of your project’s community.

If you want to win a reward of most creative post, come up with memes, videos, statements or any creative idea to show support for eCash and gain their attention.

If you don’t know what to share or write, keep retweeting all Binance Showdown announcements, retweet all eCash Official posts and comment posts related to eCash with the #BinanceXEC hashtag. Whatever you do, always use this #BinanceXEC Hashtag.

As the text below suggest, Binance simply wants to see our numbers!

And #eCashArmy has the numbers!

How Do I Create the Project’s Hashtag?

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is add the project’s token ticker after “#Binance”. Don’t forget the project has to be listed on Binance! Let’s look at some examples.

  1. eCash - #BinanceXEC
  2. Ethereum - #BinanceETH
  3. BNB - #BinanceBNB

This is a marathon mission and will continue until Nov 2nd. For this time, each day we will post #BinanceXEC whenever we reply, comment or share anything related to eCash. The creative members can come up with something to be eligible for the additional $250 creativity reward!

▶️ Cybersecurity created a safe channel for daily sprint activities. Join here, invite family and friends and everyone remotely interested to participate in daily activities for daily rewards! Join the BinanceXEC group here. This is a temporary group and open for anyone and will be closed after this mission ends.


Mission Targets:

🎖️ Critical:

Retweet all Binance Showdown Twitter Announcements with #eCash #eCashArmy #eCashisKing and #BinanceXEC Hashtags
Comment all Binance Showdown Announcements with #eCash #eCashArmy #eCashisKing and #BinanceXEC Hashtags
Use #BinanceXEC whenever you reply to people in relation to eCash
Add your eCash:address to your posts to be eligible for Airdrops rewards at the end of the Campaign (note: you only need to do this once)

🏅 Optional:

Add funny memes, creative illustrations, classy or informational statements or why you support eCash to your #BinanceXEC post to be eligible for creativity Reward
Invite as many people as you can to the public BinanceXEC group for guidance on what to do and daily rewards

Note: You have to be signed up to Binance in order to receive the creativity Reward

Mission Success Condition:

Make eCash end up in the Top 3 🏆 of the Binance Community Showdown Leaderboard



Mission Success!


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