Special Operations Mission X2

Special Operations Mission X2

Special Operations Mission X2

Attention #eCashArmy🎖 ▶️Type: Infiltration ▶️Target: Twitter ▶️Priority Code: Red 🔴 ▶️Situation: Infiltration | Special Operations | Top Secret


Due to recent events, this mission has been cancelled

Mission Briefing:

This Mission is Top Secret. Info on this mission can not be shared in public. Join the exclusive eCash Army HQ Telegram Group to learn all details about the Mission.

For this Special Operation we need as many people as we can find. You are asked to recruit as many of your friends as possible and share the following Mission targets in private, without sharing any of the information of this mission publicly.

Mission Targets:

🎖️ Critical:

Before starting this mission, join eCashArmy HQ to learn all details
[Classified - Join HQ to learn about this task]
Recruit people in private to do the tasks above
Do not share any information on this mission publicly

Mission Success Condition:

[Classified - Join eCashArmy HQ to learn all details]

Medal Reward:

To receive your eToken 🎖️medal, share your eCash/eToken address from an eToken supporting wallet along with a screenshot of your task in the exclusive eCash Army HQ. Join via link or ask about it in the t.me/eCash official Telegram.

Good Luck #eCashArmy

And Thank You For Your Service!