Mission 8: Take over CMC

Mission 8: Take over CMC

Mission No. 8

Attention #eCashArmy 🎖Mission Nr.8🎖 ▶️Type: Show of Force ▶️Target: CoinMarketCap ▶️Priority Code: Green 🟢 ▶️Situation: Military Parade | Take Base | Show of Force

Mission Briefing:

Represent eCash Community and show off eCash’s superior technology in Coinmarketcap’s eCash Feed

Mission Targets:

🎖️ Critical:

Signup to coinmarketcap and comment in the eCash feed
Use #eCash and #eCashArmy hashtags
Go to your Profile in the upper right corner and put eCash on your Watchlist
Like ❤️ other positive comments in the feed about $XEC
Don’t promote, link or recommend “investing”. “Promotional” content will get removed
Tick the “bullish” tag and explain what makes you bullish on eCash
Be brief, stay within one paragraph. Possible angles are [click to open]:
  • Technical Fundamentals (Recent integration of Avalanche Consensus on top of Nakamoto Proof of Work, Pre-Consensus coming, Subchains, End Goal of 5m Tps, highest security as shown with 1-Block confirmations, Soon instant confirmations, eTokens and more)
  • eCash Community strength
  • Professional Bitcoin ABC developer team
  • Unique ways to earn - invite to join eCash Telegram to join #eCashArmy
  • Long term, mid-term, short-term?

🏅 Optional:

Invite as many people as you can to check out eCash’s community index or join eCash official and Army Telegram (don’t share links)
Mention why eCash is different than other projects
Check for #eCash, $XEC and #eCashArmy hashtags on the trending page
Take a screenshot and share it in eCashArmy HQ if you see it listed

Mission Success Condition:

Make eCash end up in either or both of the Trending fields in the Community Section

Screenshot and report in eCashArmy group if you see #eCashArmy, #eCash or $XEC trending


This Mission is an open-ended mission. Even after the Mission Success Condition is achieved everyone who joins later can go through this task once and earn a medal.

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