Mission 1: Cashtab Reviews

Mission 1: Cashtab Reviews

Mission No. 1

Type: HQ Support

Target: Chrome Web Store

Priority Code: Green

Situation: Cashtab Engineers requesting support | extensive installments and reviews needed | Gmail Account needed

Mission Briefing:

⚠️You need to have a PC and the Cashtab Extension installed on your browser to do this mission

Go to Extension Page  and install the Cashtab Browser Extension. 5 Star review and comment in support of the extension and Cashtab development team.


  • Give 5 Star review
  • Comment with a positive note
  • Take inspiration but do not directly copy and reuse other fellows posts


  • Post about the eCash features you like the most or find most important

Mission Status:

This Mission is an open-ended mission. Even after the Mission Success Condition is achieved everyone who joins later can go through this task once and earn a medal.

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