Mission 2: Grayscale War-Chest

Mission 2: Grayscale War-Chest

Mission Nr. 2

Type: War Chest Recovery

Target: Grayscale

Priority Code: Yellow



Intel located potential eCash War Chest | Grayscale may hold 183B XEC | $14.5M USD in today's value | Retrievable through splitting process |

Mission Briefing:

Contact Grayscale and make them aware of their potential eCash holdings - Relay Grayscale to @ecashofficial to ensure a safe splitting process.

Mission Targets:


Link to @Grayscale in your post
Link to @ecashofficial as well as contact@e.cash email address in your tweet
Tell them they might hold 183B unsplit XEC from the recent BCH fork
Include #GrayscaleXEC in your tweet
Search for #GrayscaleXEC, like and retweet the best tweets of your fellows for bigger impact
Keep communications short in one tweet, be concise and civil
Take inspiration but do not directly copy and reuse other fellows tweets
Don’t use unofficial images or videos in your tweet


  • Retweet post by @BarrySilbert explaining why one of their top holding might actually be XEC
  • Link to the splitting guide https://blog.bitcoinabc.org/2020/11/25/how-to-split-your-bch-bchn-and-bcha-coins-using-electrum-abc-and-electron-cash/

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