Mission 3: Facebook Invites

Mission 3: Facebook Invites

Mission Nr. 3

Type: Territory Expansion

Target: Facebook

Priority Code: Yellow


eCash Marketing requesting support | Fortify Facebook Outpost | Represent eCash |

Mission Briefing:

Invite your friends to like the eCash Official page on FB using the ‘Invite’ feature. Optionally support them in setting up their first eCash wallet via Cashtab.com

Mission Targets:


  • Use the Facebook invite feature
  • Only invite people you know, no spamming to strangers
  • Invite them to use cashtab.com to create their first wallet and help them backup their 12 word seed phrase


  • Send them their first eToken
    • If you need free tokens - message operator with your eToken address to receive free Grumpy $GRP

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