Mission 5: Youtube Subscriptions

Mission 5: Youtube Subscriptions

Mission Nr. 5

Type: Infiltration

Target: Youtube

Priority Code: Green


eCash Youtube Channel asking for support | More Subscribers needed | Hack Youtube Algorithm

Mission Briefing:

We want to get as many likes and subscribes on our Youtube account as possible, so the Youtube algorithm notices and prioritizes our channel. Visit the official eCash Youtube channel and like and subscribe it to boost our visibility.

Mission Targets:


Subscribe to eCash official youtube channel
Activate the Bell 🔔
Like and share the eCash Wealth Redefined video
Like and share the Message to the Liberty Minded clip


Share a comment with a positive note on the Wealth Redefined and/or Message to the Liberty Minded video
Share the Why Crypto playlist with friends and family
Like and comment the videos in the Why Crypto playlist


🎖️ 1 OORAH Medal rewarded for completing the mission critical targets.

Please submit all necessary details and provide proof via the Report Form below to be eligible for the reward. Read the details in the form for more info and examples. 👇👇👇

Thank You for Your Service,

- eKoush

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