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P2P Escrow AAS
P2P Escrow AAS
The escrow module is meant to be an external service, that can be integrated in any eCash ecosystem that has a use for it. Be it a tipping platform or a p2p exchange or our eBounty platform, anyone should be able to hook up their service to the escrow module and utilize it according to their needs. How this is done the best and most secure way is basically up to you and can be discussed further. What is important to me however, is that it is able to take a fee in a non-custodial way from every escrow created. A way for moderators to access a contract and make a decision on which of the two eligible parties will get paid out / paid back should also be implemented.
I am happy to discuss the idea further in detail or adjust the concepts according to the technological aspects of the Bitcoin-Script and eCash Covenants. I try to the best of my abilities to explain features and show you the documentation and tools available. It would be preferable if you have some knowledge on how these covenants work and what type of structure and features are viable/sensible.
Many of my conceptualized services and tools (Webtipper, Cashsuite, Commerce Map and eBounty) all have a need for a simple p2p escrow module. I see it as an essential tool useful for various kinds of platforms and would therefore like to have an eCash escrow module setup as soon as possible. Optimally I would have this module be provided as an "Escrow as a Service" which further platforms and services in the ecosystem can hook up to easily. The escrow is intended to take a fee for the service provided in order to maintain itself. Adding eToken functionality (for stabletoken support) would be a nice to have, but does not have too high of a priority for the first iteration.
1. Third party service submits all available options for the escrow 2. User Alice sends needed funds to the escrow 3. User Bob completes tasks and and notifies user Alice 4a. User Alice reviews completion of task and confirms the unlocking of funds 5a. escrow unlocks funds and takes predetermined % of fees 4b. User Alice reviews completion of task and rejects the unlocking of funds 5. Third party moderators get notified and resolve the dispute, eventually sending funds to either Alice or Bob 6. escrow unlocks escrow one party and takes predetermined % of fees 7. unlocks and takes dispute resolution
- Custom Time Lock (from minutes to years) - Moderator "Dashboard" - Simple to follow Logging (for mods) - eToken support (specific token IDs) - ability to take service fees (non custodial) - ability to share service fees with third parties (non custodial referral) - dispute resolution collateral (paid back fully when there is no dispute) The MVP escrow can have less of these features, but these are the features I have in mind and I want this escrow module to be set up for.
Tools and documentation are based on BCH but should be easy to apply on eCash as well. comment from Ethan about escrow: "It should be via this version (spedn) that can run with bch-js": documentation on script: overview on spedn covenants by tendo pein:
check tools section
To be discussed. Shoot me a message over telegram.
To be discussed. Shoot me a message over telegram.
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