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WhyCrypto 5: Shortage

eCash YouTube: WhyCrypto 5: Shortage

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Episode 5 - Shortage


so that I think that the internet is going to
be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government

the one thing that's missing, but that
will soon be developed is a reliable eCash

'massive worldwide chip shortage' - 'earnings being caught by up to two billion dollars'

'we don't have these chips we're in trouble'- 'It's been months and you still can't buy a PlayStation 5...'

computer-chips, fertilizer, energy

important commodities abundant for decades
are disappearing. we're seeing this impact from two sides

in some cases manufacturing and supply chain challenges are reducing available supply despite our best efforts

in other cases politicians
are bending over backwards to create shortages

environmental concerns about nitrogen restrict
agriculture and, consequently, food supplies

war in Europe blocks the supply of Russia natural
gas. And Germany where environmental concerns

have also restricted nuclear power Google searches
for firewood are skyrocketing

what happened to the Future? Where are the modern solutions to these seemingly simple problems?

time and time again political problems rewind technological progress. Libraries are burned, civilizations collapse

but how do you rewind a blockchain? Even if
political forces succeed in knocking back a few blocks

the public nature of blockchains allows
the entire world to see what happened

the same is true for open source software technology.
Once the code is published, it's exponentially

more difficult to erase that progress. Every step
forward is instantly available to the entire world

amid Rising political attacks on technological
progress the importance of such robust systems

and anti-fragile growth has never been higher

This is what we're building at eCash

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