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eCash YouTube: WhyCrypto 3

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Episode 3

Two hundred years ago, when the british navy turned up to suppress the american revolution, american military leaders wrote about England’s near-unbelievable financial might.

At the time, it was obvious that mobilizing so many ships and men was extraordinarily expensive. You could not simply wave a magic wand and create a new ship of the line.

At least, the Americans couldn’t. England, on the other hand, had recently established a central bank.

Today, almost every nation has a western-style central bank. The wealthiest nations, like the United States, pretty much do wave a magic wand to create a new warship.

Government spending, including military spending, has almost nothing to do with taxes.

Modern finance is a complex international shell game of trade, commodities, alliances, and military force.

You can see this play out in the financial response to the current crisis in Ukraine, where the West has seized Russian assets and suppressed Russian trade.

Say you’re a wealthy nation. Do you think you’ll be putting your money where your potential future enemies could simply take it?

We can’t see it just yet, but a lot of what we take for granted about the modern world was wiped away by these sanctions. Trade requires trust. Wealth requires not only trust, but also political approval.

It’s time for a global asset that does not depend on trust or politics. This is what we’re building on eCash.

You can find a list of translation tasks in the table below. Each translation item is tagged with an item number, type, open languages and the reward.

An eCash (XEC) reward as well as a Translator (TRL) eToken will be given out after completion and approved review of translated content.

📝 How to Get Started:

General Workflow:

We have automated the process from item lookup, translations to reviews via google sheets. Please go through the simple process of registering, first. Then submitting your translation or review via these forms.

  • Register yourself as translator or reviewer through the following [Register User] Form. It will take 10 minutes for your nickname to be synchronized
  • Visit [Lookup Item Status] Sheet to lookup items available for translation or review and pick your item you want to work on.

  • Create a new Google Document and complete the translation or review of the item and submit a report by following [Item Report] Form. Please make sure to share the link to the google doc and set it up correctly for the reviewer to be able to comment.
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Set to “Anyone with the link can comment

  • Your submission will be added to the database. Please be patient and wait for reviewers and the translations-team to accept your item.

  • If your translation is done correctly and is ready to be published, you will be compensated with XEC and a 🎖️TRL eToken reward. This process might take a while, we ask you for your patience.

Thank you very much for your help!

Further Notes:

▶️ Please lookup which items are available for translation in your language, before starting a job.

▶️ Do not review your own submitted items. Only reviews by independent third parties will be accepted.

▶️ If your translated item was rejected by the reviewer you will be asked to improve on the translated items. If you improve and fix the translated items to a point of being acceptable, you can still earn your reward. If you fail to fix your items, they will be rejected and available for other translators.

▶️ Automatic Language translations such as Google Translate can be used as a tool, but the text should be grammatically correct, formal and without errors. Your submitted translation will be reviewed. Don't just translate the item with an automated translator. Failure to do so correctly may result in not being eligible for a reward.

▶️ We are open to add any major language, if you want to translate into a language that is not listed, feel free to ask us so we can consider it.

▶️ Translation documents and sheets are ideally to be shared via Google Docs. If you don't have a Gmail account, please create one and get familiar with using Google Docs. Please do not share your translations in PDF, Mobile, Microsoft Office or similar formats.

▶️ For more information, questions and suggestions just reach out to us in the Translation Telegram group.